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Like a trip to the emergency room, we know that you're not happy to be here. In all likelihood you're here because you have a data loss problem. Rest assured, help is close at hand.

Please read this first: If you've experienced a data loss of any kind, do not attempt a recovery of the data before we have had time to have a little e-mail chat about your problem. If you try to use operating system applications or off-the-shelf software in an attempt to correct the problem, you may be hurting your chances for a

data recovery

 success. Data recovery is a specialized area. Any attempt to learn the craft should be done on non-essential data devices. Please use our free initial consultation service so that we can help maximize your chances of data recovery. We've made data recovery a speciality and have literally decades of experience stacked up within our staff. If anyone can recover your data, we can!

One more thing: You may have been shopping around for data recovery services elsewhere and are concerned about the price. Some labs quote a flat rate based on the size of the media with a minimum charge that begins in the stratosphere and goes up from there. Many of those same labs send their jobs to us when they get in over their heads. On the other hand, we charge a rate that is commensurate with the time and parts required to do the job. For more about the price of our services, visit our pricing page.

Maybe, just maybe, you're here only to find ways to protect your data. In that case, click on the Data Safety links on our menu to help insure that you'll never need our services.

If you have experienced a data loss, begin your visit with the menu items under Data Recovery, and let's get you on the way to a reunion with your files.



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