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Data Recovery
You're Not Alone...

Data recovery needs are everywhere,

WeblLink Wireless Verizon City of Tyler Texas

even in companies like those represented here,

Clemson University USF Corporation

all of whom have solid backup and data redundancy practices in place.

American Heart Association University of Michigan

Sometimes backups fail. Sometimes a data storage device will fail right after you entrust it with critical data.

Tuscaloosa News DeVry University

A salesman might drop a notebook computer getting off the plane after a two-week sales trip, a mere hour or two before everything would be backed up.

Fannie Mae

Stitt Spark Plug Company

All of those listed here have tried to improve their data backup practices, but many of them remain as repeat clients because no data redundancy program is perfect.

Star Micronics Frito Lay

We hope you'll trust your data recovery needs, no matter how small or large, to our expert staff.

George Mason University Perot Systems

When you trust DataICU with your data recovery needs, you're in good company.

PanAmSat Lennox Nikon



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