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Data Recovery - Jim Fruth, C.E.O.
Internet Desk, Inc., its Data I.C.U. department and affiliates have been performing in the data recovery arena for decades. Based in Dallas, Texas, we stand ready to serve your needs no matter where you are on the planet.

Data recovery has been a consistent part of our business since day-one. The general field of computer consulting, which was the beginning thrust of our business, has always been propelled by the importance of data and the protection of the data of our clients. When the need arises for data recovery, it is an area that must be handled by experts in order to maximize the chances for recovery.

Early lessons taught us that every single data storage device will fail. It's a 100-percent chance. What we cannot predict is when a given device will fail.

By pure client count, the largest portion of our business is in the area of

data recovery

. Sadly, most come to know of us after a data loss. Some client companies call on us regularly to recover erased data on machines used by former employees.

Whatever your data recovery or data security needs, we can help. Please begin your contact with us using our Help! E-Mail Form as a beginning point.

The biggest part of the job is trust. We know full well that your data is important to you and must be handled as classified information. Every job, whether it's the property of a private individual or a major corporation, gets the same attention to security and detail. We sincerely hope that you will trust us with your data recovery needs.

Data Recover - Jim Fruth, C.E.O.



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